Kapiri Mposhi residents commend govt. on killing of Mailoni brothers

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Kapiri Mposhi residents commend govt. on killing of Mailoni brothers


Kapiri Mposhi, June 28, ZANIS- Residents of Kapiri Mposhi district have commended government for finally “killing” the Mailoni brothers who terrorized people in the Luano Valley in Mkushi and parts of Kapiri Mposhi District.


The Residents have noted that the eventual gunning down of the three notorious criminals will restore order and peace to Luano which was recently declared a district.


Rodgers Nkoswe stated that the continued terror posed by the three brothers rendered the Luano Valley, which is rich in agriculture and mining activities, unproductive as many people abandoned the area for fear of being attacked by the brothers.


The brothers killed 12 people among them, a Zambia Flying Doctor personnel during their hiding in the valley.


Mr. Nkoswe said the presence of the blood-hungry brothers in the area had also prevented people’s movements and participation in various civic activities such as elections for fear of being attacked and killed.


“I hope to see people go back and work there after the removal of the brothers and now that Luano has even been given a district status by government,” Mr. Nkoswe said.


And another Kapiri Mposhi resident, Mweemba Chiyala noted that the bringing to an end of the Mailoni brothers terror in Luano valley was a clear symbol of the commitment that government placed on providing security to its people.


Mr. Mweemba said the move by government to dispatch a combined team of defence and security wings personnel to hunt down the mailoni brothers was a great stride to guarantee peace to the people of Luano valley and ultimately all the citizens of Zambia.


He noted that peace was crucial to the development of any area stating that most people will now go back to the area to revive their farming activities and contribute to the development of the country.


“I commend the soldiers for restoring peace to Luano by killing the Mailoni brothers because peace is an important ingredient to the development of any society … and it is gratifying to note that our government fully understands this,” Mr. Mweemba said.


Several civil servants shunned to work in the area for fear of the Mailoni brothers who brutally killed their victims using bows and arrows.


On Monday, the Zambia Army soldiers in collaboration with other defence and Security wings gunned down the three brothers who have been terrorizing Luano valley since 2007.