Livingstone road works to be completed before schedule

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The Road Development Agency (RDA) has expressed happiness that all the major road works in Livingstone would be completed ahead of schedule.

The road works, which are being done by Inyatsi Construction Company, were scheduled to be completed by July 31st in readiness for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly in August this year.

RDA Senior Manager for Construction, Remmie Chanda said over 80 per cent of township road construction works in Livingstone have been done while 6.7 kilometres out of 13 kilometres of the major Mosi-O-Tunya road have also been done.

Speaking today after touring the township and Mosi-O-Tunya road construction works, Mr.  Chanda said the company was ahead of schedule and would complete all the road works before the July 31st deadline.

“I can safely say that judging from the amount of work done on most roads including the Mosi-O-Tunya road, we are right on course to complete the works before the July 31st deadline,” he said.

Mr. Chanda also disclosed that Inyatsi has sub-contracted 13 local construction companies which have done a value of work above 20 per cent.

He added that so far the local contractors have done a commendable job.

He further said a total of 650 Livingstone residents have been employed by both local contractors and Inyatsi.

Out of the 650 workers, 50 are women.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chanda said government has so far paid out KR 50 million out of a total KR205 million budgeted for all road projects in the tourist capital.

Brian Colquhoun O’Donnell (BCHOD) and partners consulting engineer Tresphor Musonda said major works on the Mosi-O-Tunya road would be finished in two weeks time.