Furniture Company given two weeks ultimatum to dismantle arrears

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Furniture Company given two weeks ultimatum to dismantle arrears

Livingstone, June 25, ZANIS ———Livingstone District Commissioner Omar Musanje has given a furniture making company in the city two weeks ultimatum to pay all outstanding salary arrears of KR 400,000 to 82 workers under its workforce.

Mr Musanje gave the ultimatum today during a meeting with company management and workers following a protest by workers at his office for non-payment of salaries for close to five months.

The District Commissioner said it was the desire of government to ensure that the welfare of workers was taken care of by all companies operating in the country.

He said government will not allow a situation where workers are not paid their dues despite showing confidence in the companies and working hard.

“We shall not allow a situation where people are working hard and are not getting their salaries for months and I hereby give you two weeks in which to find the money and pay these workers,” Mr Musanje ordered.

The District Commissioner also urged all companies operating in the city to strictly adhere to the minimum wage and improve the working environment of their workers.

He further appealed to the workers to return to work as they wait for their salary arrears.

And one of the workers, Charles Chifunda said it was not the first time that management has cheated them over payment of their salary arrears and called on the government to take their plight seriously.

“We want government to take this issue seriously because this is not the first time we have been cheated that management will dismantle our arrears,” said Mr Chifunda.