Choma council ordered to clear stray dogs

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– Government has given a two weeks ultimatum to the Choma Municipal Council to get rid of the huge population of stray dogs which have become a menace to the residents.


Choma District Commissioner Golden Nyambe says the local authority must work with the veterinary department and the Zambia Police Service in controlling the worrisome population of stray dogs that are posing a serious danger to the lives of the people in the area.


Mr Nyambe said he expects the council to implement this directive within two weeks.


He said residents in the district have lodged formal complaints to the council regarding the swelled number of stay dogs that were biting residents and exposing them to the danger of contracting rabies.


The District Commissioner said the council has not responded to the residents’ appeals thereby endangering their lives.


Mr Nyambe said it is for this reason that the council is now being directed to take immediate action to eliminate stray dogs in order to protect human life.


He said he expects government institutions to be proactive in handling matters that border on the lives of the people.


And speaking on behalf of the resident of Munzuma site and service, Teddy Musokwe said a number of people have suffered dog bites with some being hospitalized after fierce encounters with marauding dogs.


Mr Musokwe said residents are now living in fear of dog attacks and possible exposure to rabies because the council and other government institutions have not been proactive in dealing with the matter.