West administration directed to urgently work on Mulobezi- Simungoma-Sichili

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-Gender and Child Development Deputy Minister Josephine Limata has directed the Western Province administration to quickly start emergency road works on the Mulobezi- Simungoma-Sichili road in order to make it passable.


And Ms. Limata has further directed Mulobezi District Commissioner (DC) Charles Mwananguba to address the critical water shortage the people in the district were facing.


Ms. Limata said although the road has been included on the Link Zambia 8,000 road project whose initial works e road done due to its poor state.


She has noted that the road was of economic value especially in the transportation of timber and agricultural produce.


Ms. Limata further explained that the road also connects three districts namely Mwandi, Mulobezi and Luampa and was the shortest route to Lusaka.


She was responding to concerns raised by area Chief Mbulangambwa of Mulobezi who seriously complained about the poor state of the Mulobezi- Simungoma-Sichili road.


She also explained that people take three days to get to Livingstone on the same road.


Ms. Limata has since implored Western Provincial administration to quickly dispatch the road making equipment under Rural Road Unit (RRU) to commence emergency works.


Earlier, Mulobezi Chief Mbulangambwa said the road has remained unattended to since 1964.


He said the immediate past Mulobezi UPND Member of Parliament (MP) Hastings Sililo did nothing on the road from the time he was elected in office in 2011 until now when his election has been nullified by the Supreme Court.


Chief Mbulangambwa also said people in his area were faced with a critical shortage of water forcing them to cover long distances to fetch the commodity.


Meanwhile, Mulobezi DC Charles Mwananguba disclosed that government will sink 30 boreholes in all the six wards of Mulobezi constituency.


Mr. Mwananguba explained that each ward has been allocated five boreholes adding that a contractor has already been identified and will soon move on site to start working.



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