Government urged to end chiefdom succession disputes

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Senior chief Monze of the Tonga people of Southern province has appealed to government to serious follow lineage of chiefs in various chiefdoms in the country to avoid succession disputes in the country.

Chief Monze said this in Namwala district over the weekend at the installation ceremony of Wesley Shabongwe as chief Mukobela the fourth of the Ila people of Namwala district.

Chief Mukobela the fourth was installed after a succession wrangle following the death of Job Shabongwe Mukobela the third 11 years ago.

Chief Monze said that government through the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs should have a record of the people in the lineage of heir to the throne so that as traditional councilors select who qualifies for the throne, government should be knowledgeable about the people’s choice.

He noted that the government’s record on chiefdoms lineage to the heir will help reduce succession disputes when the incumbent dies.

Chief Monze has also appealed to chief Mukobela to seek God’s guidance in his reign as chief because God is the only one who gives leadership.

He also advised the new chief not to entertain lies from people who will come to him promising to provide protection medicine for him to stay well on the throne, saying there is no such kind of medicine as only God can protect human beings.

Chief Monze urged chief Mukobela to embrace different tribal groupings residing in his chiefdom and treat them equally with the locals.

And Speaking at the same function Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe expressed concern that the some chiefdoms want to revive lineage of succession after 48 years of independence and questioned why they want to do so now during the reign of the Patriotic Front government.

“Why are some chiefdoms reviving there chiefdoms now where were they during the reign of Kaunda, Chiluba, Mwanawasa and Banda why during PF rule?”Mr Munkombwe asked.

Mr Munkombwe appealed to President Micheal Sata to intervene in such succession disputes because they hinder national development.

He cited the succession disputes in Siamaundu, Mweemba and Musokotwane chiefdoms in Southern province as some of the succession wrangles which should be addressed before they become very serious.