Kasama pensioners demonstrate over monthly benefits

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-Over 200 pensioners in Kasama have held a peaceful protest to the Provincial Administration demanding an increase in their minimum monthly pension benefits.


Speaking on behalf of other pensioners, Mwenya Posa said the increment that the Public Service Pensioners Fund Board has awarded to the retirees is too little to sustain their lives.


Mr Posa disclosed that the board has increased the minimum monthly pension by 12 per cent across the board which does not make sense.


He added that the increment means that the lowest paid pensioner has moved from getting KR110 to KR130 while the highest paid pensioner has moved from KR2,000 to Kr 2,240.


The pensioners have also appealed to President Michael Sata to dissolve the Public Service Pensioners Board.


Mr posa said the board has been insensitive to the realities and has thrown over 40,000 pensioners into destitution.


And Northern Province Minister, Obious Chisala, commended the pensioners for choosing to dialogue with government as a way of airing their grievances.


Mr Chisala said it is encouraging to find that the pensioners have shown maturity in the way they have handled the matter.


He has since called on the pensioners to go to him whenever they feel aggrieved.


And another pensioner, Evaristo Franshi, thanked the Provincial Minister for giving retirees time and listen to their problems.


Mr Franshi said they have been wanting to dialogue with government but no one has been willing to listen to them.