Govt. hailed over its plans to erect a varsity in each province

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Zambia Universities and Colleges Model United Nations (ZUCMUN) Chief Executive Officer Kayimbo Katengo has praised government for its plan to construct a university in each province.



Mr. Katengo said the construction of at least a university in each province will help government absorb the high number of school leavers graduating from every year.



He said this will enable youths have increased access to tertiary education and reduce the high number of unemployed youths.



ZANIS reports that Mr. Katengo said this in an interview in Lusaka, today.



The   ZUCMUN Chief Executive Officer observed that this development will help Zambia get international investment which will in turn create opportunities for job creation.




He noted that the reason why Zambia has a high number of youths failing to get into tertiary education is as a result of competing for the limited number of university which are not enough to absorb the number for graduates from secondary schools.



Education Minister Dr. John Phiri announced that it was the PF government intention to build a new University in each of the ten provinces in the country in order to absorb secondary school graduates.



Dr Phiri made the pronouncement during this year’s Youth Day celebrations under the theme “Opportunities for Youth through Enterprise.” 



Meanwhile ZUCMUN Chief Executive Officer Kayimbo Katengo has urged government to explain to the general public some of its major policy changes.




Mr. Katengo observed that some of the protests the country has witnessed in the recent past are as a result of inadequate information by the public.



He said the best way government should have taken was to explain its intentions to change some of the governance policies than storm people by surprise.



He however applauded governments move to remove fuel and maize subsidy adding that the savings will help Zambia take development to the rural parts which have been neglected for a long time.



He said people criticizing governments move should take time to learn from some of the policies developed countries employed before they become who they are today.