Kapiri District shuts down ‘ illicit’ bars

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Kapiri District shuts down ‘ illicit’ bars


Kapiri Mposhi, 19 June 2013, ZANIS – Kapiri Mposhi District Council has closed some beer and food outlets in the district for not complying with the law.



The outlets were closed today in an operation conducted by a team comprising council police and environmental health officers.



ZANIS reports that Kapiri Mposhi District Council Secretary Mpande Hamwende confirmed the development in an interview in Kapiri Mposhi today.



Mr. Hamwende said the action was taken on accounts that the affected outlets were operating without licenses as well as trading in unsanitary conditions contrary to the Food and Drugs Act chapter 303 and the Liquor Licensing Act chapter 295 of the laws of Zambia respectively.



He said some bars had no toilets while some restaurants were operating without licenses and their workers did not have food handlers medical certificates.



“We moved in to close bars, taverns and restaurants that are not operating within the law… this is an ongoing operation which intends to bring sanity to our district.. we will be rolling this operation out to the outskirts of the district,” Mr. Hamwende said.



The Council Secretary noted that most bars and restaurants in the district are operating below the minimum health and hygiene standards.



The Local Authority has since started closing outlets flouting the Food and Drugs and Public Health Acts of the laws of Zambia.



He said the council has embarked on health inspections of the bars and restaurants and other public premises to ensure that the owners comply with the stipulated laws in operating such outlets.



Mr. Hamwende said the owners of the closed premises have since been indicted for prosecution at the Magistrates court.



“Despite our several reminders to them the owners of the outlets have continued to disregard the law so this time around we have cited them after closing their outlets and they will appear in court for abrogating the law,” Mr. Hamwende said.



He said the council will not allow any affected person to reopen their outlet until they comply with the law.



The closed bars and restaurants are operating in contravention with the provisions of the Public Health Act Cap 295 and Food and Drugs Act 303 of the laws of Zambia respectively.