Itezhitezhi Traditional leadership demand benefit of Link Zambia project

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Itezhitezhi Traditional leadership demand benefit of Link Zambia project

Kabwe June 19TH, 2013, ZANIS ————— Itezhitezhi chiefs have said that  they want their chiefdoms  to benefit from the link Zambia 8000 by way of improving the roads that link Itezhitezhi district to Mumbwa and Namwala districts, respectively.


Chiefs Kaingu, Shimbizhi and chieftainess Muwezwa said that there are others roads that should be worked on which link the two districts  to Itezhitezhi District under the link Zambia 8000 program.


They named the road from Mumbwa to Itezhitezhi through chief Moono and Muwezwa to Itezhitezhi and the pontoon road which they said  is shorter toNamwala District.


 The Link Zambia 8000 road Project also known as Accelerated National Roads Construction Programme is a Project that the Government of the Republic of Zambia has initiated to accelerate road construction in the Country through the Road Development Agency (RDA).


The traditional rulers  have also expressed concern  at the poor state of most of the roads in the district which they said required urgent attention
before the rains.


The three chiefs were concerned even with the state of bridges on most streams saying if the situation did not improve now, people in their
chiefdoms would be cut off in rain season.


And the traditional rulers has complained that cattle farmers in the district were not benefiting from the sales of their cattle due to
lack of an abattoir in Itezhitezhi.


Chief Shimbizhi said cattle farmers in the district were not getting the economical benefit of their resource because the district did not
have an abattoir where they can slaughter their cattle and carcasses.


He  said farmers who manage, still take their animals to Namwala where there is an abattoir but added that the route is long
and difficult especially during rainy season.


He said now that Itezhitezhi district was re-aligned to Central province, there is urgent need for government to consider put up an
abattoir for farmers to sell their animals within easy reach.


Meanwhile chief Kaingu called on government to quickly build local courts in chiefdoms to cut on long distances people cover to seek
justice at the only local court at the district centre.


Chief kaingu said he sympathized with people who walked long distances to have their cases heard by the local court at Itezhitezhi boma
following the collapse of local court structures in most Chiefdoms.


He said in chiefdom, the local court services were moved from Nyambo to Munga but was still not operational forcing the aggrieved and
accused to travel to the only local court at the Boma.


Chief Kaingu called for quick rehabilitation and construction of local courts in the chiefdoms of the district for justice to prevail adding
that it has been expensive on the part of the affected people to travel.