Govt. contemplates establishing regional MSL hubs

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Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde has said government plans to establish regional hubs for Medical Stores Limited (MSL).

Dr. Kasonde said government was confident that the creation of hubs will strengthen the national supply chain and increase access to treatment particularly for people in rural areas.

Speaking when he officiated at the official opening of the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) pharmaceutical warehouse and 42nd General Council in Lusaka today, Dr. Kasonde said the opening of regional hubs will give an opportunity for regions to forecast and buy drugs according to regional disease patterns and absorptive capacity.

He observed that effective health service delivery requires consistent supply of medicines.

He said government will therefore need support from CHAZ and other cooperating partners.

Dr. Kasonde further stated that for health supplies to be consistent, quantification and accurate forecasting was vital.

He added that government was hoping to see staff from CHAZ warehouse participate in the national annual forecasting and quantification meeting which is organized by the Ministry of Health and other partners to develop and aggregate a national quantification and establish gaps for all health commodities.

Meanwhile, Regina Mulenga, a member of the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ), commended government for the initiative.

Sister Mulenga said the creation of regional hubs will strengthen Zambia’s’ national supply chain and increase access to treatment particularly for people in rural areas.

She assured government that CHAZ will make use of its comparative advantage to support government’s efforts in delivering quality health services equitably.

She added that most of CHAZ members were strategically located in the rural areas where they help government reach those who would otherwise not be reached through government structures.

Sr. Mulenga informed the Minister of Health that CHAZ members were delighted that government was committed to overcoming the challenges facing health care givers in the country.

She pointed out that the increase in the budget to the health sector this year will bring about development in form of better infrastructure, equipment and adequate skilled medical personnel.


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