Traditional leader calls for speedy development

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Chief Pemba Moyo of the Chewa speaking people of Eastern Province has called on government to accelerate development in rural areas.


Speaking to ZANIS, Chief Pemba Moyo said for a long time now, many rural areas in the country have lagged behind in development, a situation which needs to be rectified.


The Chief said it is imperative for government to direct the money it will save from the removal of subsidies to the development of rural communities in order to ensure that they are not left out in the country’s development agenda.


Chief Pemba Moyo noted that the majority of people in rural areas are living in abject poverty hence the need for government to alleviate the suffering of its citizens.


He urged government to determine key areas in rural areas needing urgent attention such as the health sector, and prioritize them in development.


The traditional leader expressed hope that the removal of subsidies will translate to availability of essential drugs in rural hospitals to which his chiefdom will also benefit.


He commended government for taking time to explain the importance of the removal of subsidies to citizens, saying the move has brought them to a clear understanding of the action.


Chief Pemba Moyo also thanked government for its continued support to vulnerable farmers through input support, saying the programme has gone a long way in their sustenance.


He said most people in rural communities rely on farming for their livelihood, adding that government’s continued support has a big impact in the lives of vulnerable farmers.