Trade Fair exhibitors assured of good show

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Trade Fair exhibitors assured of good show

Ndola, June 16, ZANIS ——-Trade Fair Chairperson Emmanuel Hachipuka has assured exhibitors at this year’s show that there will be a lot of improvements compared to previous shows.

And the local participating exhibitors have raised a number of concerns which included security, good sanitation, power outrages and vending within the show grounds.

Mr Hachipuka however made the assurance to the exhibitors that security will be tight as there will be more than 600 police officers to man the stands and ensure that vendors did not do their business in front of the exhibitors’ stands.

Mr Hachipuka made the assurance during the 2013 exhibitors meeting which was held at the Presidential pavilion in Ndola yesterday.

He said there will be 400 police offers from within Ndola and an addition of 250 from Kanfinsa in Kitwe which will beef up support to the local security that the show provides.

He said in total there would be about 1000 security personnel to provide security because some foreign exhibitors are not participating at this year’s show citing inadequate security at the previous trade fair.

He said in providing security one cannot afford to have gaps adding that as the board, they would ensure that there are no gaps.

Mr Hachipuka said security personnel will ensure that everyone is gotten rid off from the show grounds by 18:00hours.

“We will even throw people outside the show grounds to ensure that there is maximum security for our exhibitors. As a board we are equally concerned about security because some foreign exhibitors will not be here as they feel that security is not sufficient,” Mr Hachipuka said.

And on water and good sanitation Mr Hachipuka also said the water and sanitation has been improved in the show grounds as two bore holes have been installed and that ZESCO has assured his board that there would be no power outages at this year’s show.

He has however urged exhibitors to ensure that there stands are in an orderly manner adding that selling and consumption of alcohol will not be allowed so that the show can be a fantastic one.

This year’s theme for the trade fair is “Value addition through Global Partnership.”