MMD loses prominent Samfya member

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MMD loses prominent Samfya member


Samfya, June 16, ZANIS —— Local transport proprietor and former Deputy Executive Secretary on the International Conference of the great lakes region in Burundi, Charles Chileya Kapekele has resigned from the MMD to join the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).


Mr Kapekele announced his defection to the ruling party in Samfya today and told ZANIS that he had resolved to resign from the MMD to join the Patriotic Front following the massive developmental strides President Micheal Sata had initiated since coming to power.

Mr Kapekele who was also a losing Parliamentary candidate for Chifunabuli Constituency under the MMD during the 2011 tripartite elections said developmental efforts currently being undertaken are clear for well-meaning Zambians to see what the current government is doing for the nation.

He said the link Zambia 8000 road construction project country wide was a clear indicator of the good intentions President Sata was laying towards a better future for the country as development would follow with the opening up, upgrading and construction of paved roads.

Mr Kapekele cited the Luwingu – Samfya – Musaila road captured under the link Zambia road project as one important milestone for the people of Luwingu and Samfya Ngumbo area as it would connect Northern province to Laupula and shorten distances to various destinations in the Luapula, Northern and Copperbelt regions.

“This is welcome news for the people, in fact during my campaigns my key developmental promise and message was to have the road improved as it is a cornerstone for development to the Ng’umbo and Luwingu areas, we now see that this government is on course to realize developmental aspirations of all including rural areas,” he said.

Mr Kapakele further explained that his initial attempt at the polls where he contested and lost to PFs Dr Mutaba Mwali had hinged on a campaign promise to work on the road a thing which the PF is currently undertaking.

Two weeks ago, prospecting contractors undertook a site inspection under the supervision of the Road Development Agency (RDA) for the road project covering more than 100 kilometers ahead of the selection and commencement of the project in due course.