ZABUTWU supports RTSA, Police measure

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The Zambia Bus and Taxi Workers’ Union (ZABUTWU) has pledged its support to the police and the Road Traffic and Safety Agency (RTSA) for undertaking an operation to eradicate contravening and piracy on the roads countrywide.


The Union has since distanced itself from the notice circulating in Lusaka informing public transport service vehicles to withdraw their services by Monday 17th June 2013 due to alleged unfairness of traffic police officers against the drivers.


ZABUTWU President James Liambai says the police and RTSA must intensify their operations as this is something that the law abiding drivers who always load from the designated bus stations have been looking forward to.


Mr Liambai said the authority must probe to find out the source of the notice that is circulating purporting that the union has even gone ahead to forewarn anyone who will be found working on that day to be answerable to them.


In a statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Liambai advised bus operators not to employ unlicensed drivers because these are the ones who often load from the streets and cause congestion especially in Lumumba and Freedomway.


He added that it was these same drivers who are in the habit of driving without any valid documents and also running away from the police check points whenever they commit an offence.


“It is very saddening to note that out of 20 buses that were netted recently only four (4) had valid papers, this is what should be a source of concern,” he said.


Mr Liambai said the union has always held that most road accidents especially those involving public transport vehicles have to do with the poor conditions of services obtaining in the industry.


He reiterated that the Union and the law enforcement officers will continue to rid the industry of illegal practices especially contravening.