President Sata not scared of becoming unpopular – Zulu

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President Sata not scared of becoming unpopular – Zulu

Chipata, June 15, ZANIS —– Luangeni Member of Parliament, Charles Zulu says President Michael Sata does not care about becoming unpopular to some few selfish individuals at the expense of bringing out real issues that will develop the country.

Mr Zulu said President Sata was unmoved with the attacks from some people on the removal of subsidies from fuel and maize because what he wanted was to see that development was taken to all parts of the country, especially rural areas.

He was speaking when he addressed a meeting at Chikando Basic School in Luangeni constituency in Chipata yesterday.

Mr Zulu noted that even if President Sata loses the next elections, he would be a hero in the end because of the bold step his government has taken to remove subsidies and channel the money to more essential areas of development.

“President Sata does not care to be voted out but wants to bring real issues that will develop the country and even if he is voted out, he will be a hero in the end because of the decision government has taken now which will benefit more people in future,’’ he said.

Mr Zulu noted that next year, people should put government to task by asking about what the money realised from the removal of subsidies was being used for.

He said the majority of people in rural areas were suffering at the expense of very few individuals who were benefiting from subsidies.

Mr Zulu said a lot of people were still wallowing in poverty even after the country gained independence many years ago because of the bad leadership that was exhibited by some leaders before, adding that instead of implementing what will benefit the majority such as construction of bridges, they took chitenge materials to the people.

Mr Zulu assured the people that President Sata would work towards the improvement of infrastructure development such as roads, health centres and schools in all the constituencies in the country.

“It is sad that 10 years after a bridge has collapsed, it is not worked on and children cannot cross to go to school, while women cannot access the health services during the rainy season because no one can work on the bridge because there are no resources,’’ he added.

Mr Zulu also donated eleven wheelchairs to people who had difficulties to walk in the five wards of Chikando, Kazimule, Nsingo, Khova and Makangila in Luangeni constituency, stating that the improvement of people’s lives was top on President Sata’s agenda.

And Luangeni Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Chairperson Milton Phiri said several development projects would be undertaken in Chikando ward.

Mr Phiri named the projects as Chankhozi Health Post, Chikando Basic School, Tanthwe Basic School, Kamwala Basic School, Nyane Basic School, Chikando Health Post.

Chikando Ward development committee would also buy bicycles for easy mobility.