Henwood Foundation injects US$49,000 in farmers’ programme

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Henwood Foundation has pumped US$ 49,000 into a farmers’ empowerment programme in Choma district of Southern province.


Henwood is a faith based organization sponsored by the New Apostolic Church.


Foundation Executive Director Tebuho Yubai disclosed that the money will be used on a programme that will enable farmers to use land that has since been neglected due to its low fertility in Simukanga area.


Mr. Yubai explained that the land had been over used by commercial farmers, a development that led to its loss of fertility.


He said Henwood has since embarked on a programme to plant nitrogen fixing trees in order to reverse the situation from infertility to fertility.


Mr. Yubai said the foundation was educating vulnerable farmers about cheaper farming methods such as the use of local manure instead of chemical fertilizers.


He said this is in a bid to help the farmers maximize their production which will in turn improve their livelihood.


He further said the foundation provides inputs for fruits and vegetables to farmers in the area which they grow throughout the year without waiting for the rain season.


Mr. Yubai said this move enables farmers to have a stable source of income.


He pointed out that the programme, which was rolled out in October last year, has made significant progress adding that many farmers have graduated from it and were now able to sustain themselves.


He said Henwood was committed to improving the livelihood of vulnerable communities in areas where it operates as it was the duty of Christians to extend help to the needy.


Mr. Yubai said the foundation also has another programme in Mansa district where it promotes animal husbandry as a source of livelihood.


He said a total of 30 farmers in Mansa have since benefited from the programme.