Luwingu staff disappoint Kamwbili

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Youth and Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili is disappointed that the district youth skills training centre in Luwingu only has 19 students enrolled at the institution.


The minister who is in northern province on tour of duty is sad that only 19 students are enrolled in both carpentry and tailoring despite  government pumping huge resources into the youth training centre.


He said government cannot continue spending huge sums of money paying officers salaries and wages when such institutions are underperforming .

Mr Kambwili asked why should government continue funding the youth skills training center when there are only 19 students enrolled against a population of over 100, 000 people in Luwingu district.


Mr Kambwili said he was disappointed that a population of over 100,000 people can only have 19 students enrolled in carpentry and tailoring at the youth center.

"I am disappointed to see that Luwingu has only 10 students in tailoring and 9 students in bricklaying, this as good as having no centre, this is exactly what we found in Mbala the men report for work and sit in the office saying there no students to teach," he complained.


"Why should we have only 19 students I always say sometimes it is the work culture of civil servants, this is a good sign of a lazy manager and I am not going to allow such lazy civil servants in my ministry," he warned.


He instructed the skills training centre manager to go flat out in all the villages in the six chiefdoms of Luwingu district and recruit young men and women.


He said some civil servants have a very bad attitude, it is a responsibility of the skills manager to go in villages and sensitize village headmen and women about the existence of the skills centre and the programmes it provides to benefit the community.


Mr Kambwili said officers should not wait for a minister to visit their areas but that they should work according to terms and condition of service.


The minister was reacting to the concerns raised by Luwingu district commissioner Mambwe katontoka in her welcoming remarks at her office on the current state of the district youth skills training centre.


Mrs Katontoka said the center which was built in 2006 had only 19 students of which 10 of them are doing tailoring and the rest are in carpentry.


Mrs Katontoka further said the skills centre had no recreation facilities such as football , netball and basketball pitches and pool tables to keep the youths busy and restrain them from other vices such beer drinking and smoking .


In response, Mr Kambwili  said he was disappointed that the district youths skills training centre does  not have sports facilities for the students.

He said before the centre was opened to the public there should have a football and netball pitches for the students. "I am extremely disappointed with Luwingu district, it is not the responsibility of the minister to grade a football pitch and netball pitch it is entirely the responsibility of the local authority in conjunction with the district administration," he added.


"You can’t keep the youths at the centre without recreation facilities, I repeat it is the responsibility for the district to ensure that the center has recreation facilities for youths while my ministry ensures that stadia are built at the provincial headquarters.

Mr Kambwili was however impressed that Luwingu is graded as the cleanest town in the northern province with good township roads and street lighting compared to other districts.