MMD disputes claims

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MMD disputes claims


Kaoma, June 12, ZANIS ——— Western province MMD Provincial Chairman Katongo Kameya has disputed rumours that his party in the province intends to expel Members of Parliament and Councillors that have accepted jobs in the ruling Patriotic Front government.


In an interview, Mr Kameya however, said that the constituency executive committees in the province and districts will monitor the working culture of those MPs who are working in the PF government.


Mr Kameya said that the President has powers of appointing any Member of Parliament who intends to offer his/her services in government so that many lives of people are improved in the country.


He said despite the MPs accepting ministerial positions in the PF under the leadership of President Michael Sata, all MMD members should pay loyalty to the party that send them to parliament in order to avoid creating antagonism in the former ruling party.


Mr Kameya cautioned that if the constituency committees will report to the provincial executive committee that those serving MMD members of Parliament were in full gear of supporting the ideologies of PF and weakening the party, will face disciplinary measures.


He said both Members of Parliament and Councillors in MMD were all answerable to the constituency executive committee and as such, rules and regulations that are governing the former ruling party should be strictly adhered to.


Mr Kameya said the works of the opposition is to offer checks and balances to the ruling party so that the national resources were equitably distributed to the people in the country.


Meanwhile, Mr Kameya has appealed to President Sata to always consult the opposition political parties whenever he wanted the services of the opposition members that he intends to put in his government.


And UPND Western Province Provincial Chairman Danny Mubita said that his party was enjoying massive support as members from other political parties were defecting to join his party in the province.


Mr Mubita who is also former Provincial Education Standard Officer in the Rupiah Banda administration said all those members that have defected have since been integrated into the UPND structures.


He said many people from MMD and ADD were working with the UPND in order to strengthen the party at the grass root level.


Mr Mubita however said that UPND does not support the appointment of its Members of Parliament to serve in the PF government.


He said very soon Sinjembela constituency Poniso Njeulu and his counterpart Chihinga Miyutu will face disciplinary action to enhance and build the party in the province.


Mr Mubita said UPND is not short of leaders adding that Njeulu and Miyutu should be booted out of the party as they have gone against the party principles.