Chadiza DC challenges civil servants

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Chadiza DC challenges civil servants

Chadiza, June 10, 2013, ZANIS…………Chadiza district commissioner Paul

Phiri has challenged civil servants in the area to take a leading role

in sensitizing the local community on the importance of government’s

decision to remove subsidies on maize and fuel.


Mr. Phiri told ZANIS in an interview that the local community in

Chadiza has not been sensitized on the removal of subsidies.


Mr Phiri it was for this reason that civil servants should take it upon themselves

to sensitize the community at every opportunity about the benefits of the removal of subsidies.


Mr. Phiri said civil servants must try by all means to explain to the

community that monies that would be served after the removal of

subsidies would be channeled to the construction and rehabilitation of

infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals and clinics.


He urged the government workers to take advantage of the fourth coming

district agricultural show to sensitize the people  on the importance

of the removal of subsidies.


The district commissioner said he will personally utilize every opportunity including

social gatherings  to improve the understanding of the people on government’s decision to remove

the two subsidies which never benefitted the poor people.


He said even if the local community lacked sensitization in the area

the outcry is not as much because people were seeing practical developmental

examples such as the construction of the Sinalo- Nsadzu road that government has

commenced in the area.


Mr. Phiri said another practical example was the upgrading of the major roads linking the area including

the Chadiza- Chipata, Chadiza – Katete, Chadiza – Vubwi  and  Chadiza- Chanida road into

bituminous standard  by Chinese Expertise Company which has already mobilized equipment and will

soon be on site to start the works.


Government announced the removal of subsidies on fuel and

maize last month in order to channel the resources to capital

projects such as roads, hospitals, schools and clinics.