Labour organisation praise govt for re-establishing PESE

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–Two labour stakeholders have praised government for re-establishing the Public Employment Service Exchange (PESE) aimed at linking employers with prospective employees.


Labour and Social Security Minister, Fackson Shamenda, this week said government has invested about KR 7 million towards the establishment of the PESE which will create an online job portal for job seekers to submit their academic and professional qualifications.


In separate interviews with ZANIS in Lusaka today the Unemployment Association of Zambia (UNAZA) and the Labour Consultants and Employment Agencies Association of Zambia (LEAAZ) said the move to create a portal was commendable.


UNAZA president, Mpundu Mwanamwelwa, said the online database will help reduce on nepotism which has gripped the employment process in the past.


Mr Mwanamwelwa said this is because employers will be able to see for themselves the people to employ instead of depending on other people who often bar certain prospective employees.


“This time around there won’t be nepotism; everything will be done online and no one will be sidelined,” he said.


Mr Mwanamwelwa further called on the public to exercise patience with the Patriotic Front (PF) Government whom he said is going to address the unemployment challenges in the country in due course.


He said people should not riot but instead be civil and engage in dialogue to ensure the PF delivers on its campaign promises.

Mr Mwanamwelwa stated that development took time and, therefore, people should not expect the government to come up with solutions within a short period of time.


And LEAAZ president, Humphrey Monde, said the online portal is a good initiative that needs to be embraced by both employers and employees.


Mr Monde has since called on government to engage his association how on to effectively implement the PESE.


Mr Monde said more consultation is needed to ensure that all stakeholders like employment agencies, employers and job seekers have in an input for the benefit of the nation.