Councilor cries for district status

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Sport and Youth  deputy minister Chinga Miyutu has expressed concern at the poor workmanship exhibited by the contractor engaged to carry out repair works on the Lusaka-Mongu Road.

Mr Miyutu who is also UPND Kalabo central area Member of Parliament expressed sadness after inspecting some repair works done on selected portions of the Lusaka-Mongu road.

The incensed deputy minister wondered why the contractor was using picks instead of heavy equipment when carrying out road rehabilitation works.

Mr Miyutu who confronted East Consultant Limited Resident Engineer for the Lusaka -Mongu road Oliver Makungu questioned why the contractor was allowed to use picks to repair the road when government released funds for the said road.

He said the poor workmanship exhibited by the contractor will make government unpopular.

The visibly annoyed deputy minister directed Mr Makungu to ensure that spots were shoddy work has been done be redone.

He said government’s intention is to give the people of western a road that will stand the test of time and not a shoddy road.

And in response to the concerns raised by the deputy minister, Mr Makungu said he was also not happy with the scope of work done on some sections of the road by the contractor.

He further disclosed that the contractor has since been advised to revisit the spots were poor workmanship was done.

Meanwhile, Mr Makungu revealed that a new assessment report on the current state of the Lusaka-Mongu road has been done and submitted to the Road Development Agency (RDA) for consideration.

He said the new assessment report shows that the road has further degraded and additional funds are required noting that the road needs rock fill.

Mr Makungu said the earlier report submitted to RDA had no provision of rock filling.

He insisted that without rock filling the Lusaka – Mongu road repair works will be a futile exercise.