Zambia is currently riding on the IBF wave as it hosts two of the most important “IBF Continental Titles” in a single day. The big man Joseph Chingangu “No Pressure” is scheduled to meet his countryman Francis Zulu “Galagata” for the “Africa’s biggest Apple” “IBF Continental Heavyweight Title” while Pethias Chisenga vie for the IBF’s most important title “IBF Continental Africa Flyweight Title” against Tanzanian Issa Omari in the same event on Agust 27, 2013.

Renowned for its mass production of copper, Zambia is home to several World and Commonwealth (British Empire) former champions. Lottie Mwale former Commonwealth (British Empire) and Light Heavyweight champions of the world top the list of the revered boxers that Zambian regard as its national pride alongside Chipolopolo, the national soccer team which won African Cup of Nations in 2012.

Pethias Chisenga (extreme right) during the Press Conference in Lusaka May 31, 2013 with promoter Anthony Mwamba (in the middle)

Chisanda Mutti who resided in German is also big name in Zambia. He is the former IBF Cruiserweight contender when he lost to Lee Roy Murphy in 1985. Mutti went on to win the Commonwealth (British Empire) Cruiserweight title against Dave Russell in 1986.

Two brothers Albert and Francis Musankabala are the most famous boxers within the British Commonwealth Boxing Council. Albert Musankabala was the Commonwealth (British Empire) Flyweight champion while Francis Musankabala was the Commonwealth (British Empire) Bantamweight champions respectively!

As fate would have it, Zulu and Chingangu are going a notch higher than both Lottie Mwale and Chisanda Mutti. This time around they are vying for the Africa’s biggest Apple “IBF Continental Africa Heavyweight Title” while Chisenga emulates Albert Musankabala with his “IBF Continental Africa Flyweight Title” respectively!

Exodus Boxing Promotion owned and managed by Anthony Mwamba Mwila himself former “IBF Continental Africa Welterweight” contender in 2000, is the promoter of this epics rumble while Mike Ferreira lend great hand!

Congratulations Zambia. Africa is proud of you!

“Nothing else like IBF/AFRICA as it advances African interests to the Global professional boxing fraternity”