-Severe water shortage hits Kasama

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Severe water shortage hits Kasama

Kasama, June 5, 2013, ZANIS—A severe water shortage has hit Kasama forcing people to draw water from the shallow wells.

The residents who confronted ZANIS offices in Kasama today said they have been experiencing the water shortage for some time now .

The residents claimed that efforts to have the situation addressed by Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company have not yielded any positive results.

One of the affected customers Mercy Musonda of location township said the water shortage has persisted for more than a month now.

Mrs Musonda said previously water shortages were not as severe as was being experienced now adding that the residents have waited for too long without any signs of the problem being resolved while at the same time exposing them to disease out-breaks.

The residents have since demanded that  the service should be taken back to the council if Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company has failed to operate the water supply system.

They added that government should intervene in the matter as no alternative has been provided by the water utility company to maintain supply.

Areas affected by the water shortage are Location, Chimbote, Mulenga Hill, Namulungu, TAZARA and New Town.

And when contacted for a comment, Chambeshi Water Public Relations Manager Mutale Mwamba said the company is experiencing financial difficulties and is relying on contingency funds to buy spares to repair the broken down pipes.