Ndola power plant nears completion

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Ndola Energy Company on the Copperbelt which has invested over US$ 60 million to open a plant that would generate 50 mega watts of power has almost completed the project works.And ZESCO Northern Regional Manager Tommy Daka said the Ndola Energy power plant will cushion the current power outages that Ndola has been facing once it has been fully commissioned.

Project Manager Anders Langhorn told ZANIS in an interview in Ndola that the power plant will be commissioned by the end of this month.

Mr Langhorn said the power that will be generated at the plant would go into the ZESCO Skyways sub-station which has already been expanded.

He added that all the required equipment for the construction of the power plant was ready and that testing of generating power would be done once the overhead liners are completely installed.

He explained that Ndola Energy Company will be pumping residual oil from INDENI Oil Company  into its two by 2000 cubic tanks to operate its six generators which have also been installed.

Mr Langhorn added that his company was considering extending the project once it is commissioned and that they had already held discussions with ZESCO and the Ministry of Energy Mines and Minerals Development.

Mr Langhorn said Ndola Energy Company would produce another 50 mega watts of power when commissioning of the plant under construction is done.

He said Ndola Energy Company has 250 permanent workers and that it would add on the number of employees once the plant is commissioned.

Meanwhile, Mr Daka said in a separate interview that the power that will be generated by Ndola Energy Company would cushion the load shedding that the city was currently experiencing.

Mr Daka said the power that will be generated by Ndola Energy Company is thermo but that it would be synchronised into the skyways sub-station to go into the national grid.