-Umutomolo ceremony preps advance

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-Mbala member of parliament Mwalimu Simfukwe has urged  mambwes and lungus to support the hosting of this years’s Umutomolo ceremony scheduled for this month end.


Mr. Simfukwe said the Umutomolo traditional ceremony was an important event in the calendar of the mambwe and lungus.


He said the ceremony symbolises the testing and blessing of the first harvest of the season by traditional leaders.


Mr Simfukwe  said people from Mbala should be proud of their cultural identity saying a  tribe without a culture was lost.


Mr. Simfukwe said preservation of their language and way of life could be guaranteed by sustaining the Umutomolo ceremony.


The parliamentarian has also invited tourists and other traditionalists from other parts of the country to come and sample the rich traditional ceremony.