Sinazongwe residents pledges to standby Siamunene

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Sinazongwe residents pledges to standby Siamunene


Sinazongwe, June 2, ZANIS ——- Sinazongwe residents have pledged total support towards their expelled area Member of Parliament Richwell Siamunene and have vowed to shame UPND President Hakainde Hichilema by making sure that his party loses the seat once by- elections are held in the constituency.


The residents who on Friday gave Mr Siamunene a thunderous welcome during his visit to the constituency to attend the burial of Mike Siamize, a UPND cadre and Mr Siamunene’s cousin who died last week a road accident along the Livingstone road have vowed to teach Hichilema a lesson.


Proceedings at the burial site almost came to a standstill when  Hon Siamunene’s ministerial vehicle arrived at Sinanjola village where Siamize has been buried much to the delight of the residents that gathered at the site.


Soon after the burial which was attended by Kalomo Member of Parliament Request Muntanga who represented Mr Hichilema, the residents who could not be controlled by the heavy presence of police officers thronged Hon Siamunene encouraging him to stand strong and be rest assured that he has the support of the people in the area.


 A resident, Kenny Sibanda was heard telling Mr Siamunene that people in the area are so grateful to the government for initiating various developmental projects and that they will show appreciation by making sure that they voted for him now that UPND has expelled him.


Mr Sibanda added that residents in the area are fade up with the UPND which is expelling its members of parliament that have accepted to work with the government.


Meanwhile, over three thousand Sinazongwe residents in Chief Mweemba’s area over the weekend received free various medical services during the visit to the area by the mobile clinic from the provincial medical office.


Southern Province Mobile health services Coordinator Agness Chibuye disclosed this in an interview at Siatwinda rural health centre where the mobile clinic has been mounted that the response received from people in Mweemba chiefdom is overwhelming.


Mrs Chibuye told Mr Siamunene who visited the clinic to check on the services that the clinic was giving in the area for a total of five days, the clinic offered the residents various services such as laboratory tests, dental, eye and radiology services among others.


She added that the clinic was able to cater for both medical and surgical problems and that treatment was being given on the spot due to the ready availability of drugs.


Headman Simankawa who was at the clinic to receive medical attention thanked government for the opportunity given to the people of Chief Mweemba saying it is the first time that people in the area have been accorded an opportunity to access such treatment.


And speaking after his visit to the mobile hospital, Mr Siamunene said it is services such as those taken to his constituency that leaves him with no option but to work with the government.


He noted that for a long time, people in Chief Mweemba’s area have not had proper medical care due to long distance from the district hospital, a situation that has been denying them a chance to access proper health care and that because the PF government is a listening one, it has taken such services to the people.