Lunatic exhumes baby for food

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A one year old baby who died and buried at Kabeta cemetery in Serenje district was on Thursday last week exhumed and cooked by a lunatic.

MMD Musangashi Ward Councillor Eddie Kalunga confirmed the incident to ZANIS today.

Mr Kalunga said the lunatic went to the cemetery and exhumed the baby and brought it to his house where he cut it into pieces and started cooking it.

The Councillor said a passerby at the lunatic’s house identified the material in which the baby was wrapped at the time of burial which was now hanging as a curtain at the lunatic’s house.

Mr Kalunda added that it was at this point that the passerby rushed to inform the mother to late child who also informed other family members who immediately rushed to the lunatic’s house where in disbelief found the baby’s body parts already in the pot being cooked.

He said the discovery, shocking as it was made the family to pick up the pot and took the body parts for reburial at the same grave yard.

Councillor Kalunga who expressed sadness over the incident however warned the general public to take extra care when burying the young ones, saying babies are human beings who deserved respect even in death.