Teachers urged to improve standards

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Kasama District education board secretary Stephen Kachiliko has urged teachers in the area to work hard and improve tandards in schools.


Mr. Kachiliko said this when he addressed teachers at Lukashi primary school in Kasama yesterday.


He said teachers need to plan for their work in order for them to teach effectively.


And addressing Selu residents, Kasama district commissioner Kalanga Bwalya urged people in the community to support government’s decision to withdraw subsidies from fuel and maize.


Mr. Bwalya said the decision by government to remove the subsidies is meant to benefit the rural communities.


He noted that the money saved from the subsidy will be used to upgrade infrastructure such as clinics, roads, schools and bridges countrywide.


The district commissioner added that the money that was added on the inputs never benefited the majority poor Zambians in the past.


And Selu village headman Stanley Mululumba thanked the district commissioner for taking time to educate people in the area on the issue of subsidies.


Mr. Mululumba said it is important for technocrats to educate people on the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize in order to help the local community understands the concept.