Govt’s new retirement age welcomed heartily in Chipata District

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Govt’s new retirement age welcomed heartily in Chipata District

CHIPATA, MAY 30, 2013, ZANIS — Some residents in Chipata district of Eastern Province have welcomed government’s new retirement age for the civil service from 55 years to 65 years with mixed feelings.


ZANIS reports that one of these is  James Ngulube of Kapata Township who said the civil service was losing energetic and wise officer who were able to contribute to national development even at the age of 55 year.


Mr Ngulube says it was good to allow people to continue implementing government programmes for the future generation.


He said that the youths in the country were not responsible enough to be trusted with implementation of developmental programmes.


And Michael Lubinda of Kalongwezi Township said Zambia still required the services of responsible citizens who were above the age of 55 years saying it was a welcome move.


Meanwhile, Grace Mate who was a civil servant said although  the move was welcome,   it should be  optional to allow those who wanted to retire to do so.


Ms Mate said due to the disease burden people aged quickly and some needed to retire even before the age of 65 years saying in such circumstances it would affect,  productivity.

But some youths that were found at Kapata market said the move was unfair as a lot of youths were not employed because all positions in the government were filled by old people.


Jailo Mbewe and Joseph Kalumba said it was unfair to leave old people in government offices when the youths were languishing in the streets.


They stated that a lot of youths who had good qualifications yet government was keeping old people who were not capable of implementing developmental programmes.


The duo said that the retirement age should conform to the country’s life expectancy of about 36 years due to HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Roland Msiska announced the approval of the new retirement age in Kasama, yesterday .



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