Namawala receives funds to improve livestock

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Namawala receives funds to improve livestock


Namwala, May 29, ZANIS ——- Government has released funds for the rehabilitation of dip tanks and camp houses in Namwala district.


In an interview with ZANIS today, Namwala District Acting District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO), Martin Sikainga confirmed the development.


Mr Sikainga said the measure taken by government will help increase the number of operational dip tanks as currently the district has 54 dip tanks and only 13 are operational.


Mr Sikainga further said that KR100, 000 has been allocated for rehabilitation of camp houses and KR50, 000 for rehabilitation of dip tanks in the district.


He added that the tendering process was the only issue remaining so that a suitable contractor is selected for the project.


And Mr Sikainga has also disclosed that materials have already been procured for the construction of the livestock service centre.


He said that early this year government realized about KR292, 000 for the construction of livestock service centre.


A livestock service centre is a one stop for livestock products and services under one umbrella.