Kabimba in China for ICAPP conference

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President of the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP), Wynter Kabimba, has met the founding chairperson and co-chairperson of the International Committee of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), Jose de Venecia Jr., in Xi’an city in China.


Mr. Venecia told Mr. Kabimba and his delegation that the Asian group was excited that African political parties have finally decided to organize themselves to push for a common development agenda.


This is according to a statement released to ZANIS by Patriotic Front Media and Publicity Director Chanda Mfula.


Mr. Venecia disclosed that plans were underway to establish a tri-continent group among Asian, African and Latin American/Caribbean political parties in order to create synergies and strengthen cooperation in building common prosperity.


And Mr. Kabimba has disclosed that Zambia’s founding President, Kenneth Kaunda, has agreed to become a special envoy for CAPP so as to create awareness on the important role of the organisation on the continent of Africa.


Mr. Kabimba, who is also Zambia’s Justice Minister and Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front, stressed that CAPP will bank on the wisdom and vast experience of Dr. Kaunda to sell the ideals of the organisation.


He reiterated the need for political parties to view politics beyond narrow competitive interests but to become platforms for progressive cooperation for the common good of the people and countries across the globe.


Mr. Kabimba is in China at the invitation of ICAPP in his capacity as President of the Council for African Political Parties (CAPP) for a special conference.


He is leading a delegation from Africa that includes three CAPP Vice Presidents, namely, Abdelhamid Si Afif (North Africa), Evariste Boshab (Central Africa), and Maymouna Guèye Fall (West Africa).