Govt. urged to harmonize salaries in view of subsidies’ removal

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Govt. urged to harmonize salaries in view of subsidies’ removal


Mungwi, May 28 , 2013, ZANIS —  The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PTUZ) in Chilubi District in Northern Province has asked government and the labour movement to discuss and harmonise the removal of subsidies in view of the reviewed salaries and conditions of service for public service workers  due this September.

PTUZ Chilubi Branch Chairperson Humphrey Simpemba says the removal of subsidies might have negative effects on the economy such that the increment of workers’ salaries may not improve their welfare.    .

Mr. Simpemba said members of his union were anxious to know how subsidies were going to affect their salaries especially that now the prices of essential commodities have gone up.

He said the labour movement in the area felt that there was need for the government and the union to harmonise the removal of subsidies with the salaries of civil servants.

ZANIS reports that the PETUZ official said this in a telephone interview in Mungwi, today.

He said while the removal of subsidies by the government was well intended its effects on the economy and the general welfare of the workers must be clearly exemplified to avoid anxieties in the civil service.

Mr. Simpemba revealed that prices of commodities in Chilubi have gone up following the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize by government.

The PTUZ chairperson said the development has caused panic among the teachers and other public service workers with regard to how their new salaries will be affected.

Mr. Simpemba said many people had taken advantage of the policy changes by the government by increasing prices of their commodities exorbitantly.

He said there was need to strike a balance between policy changes and the salaries of the workers to ensure sustainability.

 Government recently removed subsidies on fuel and maize in an effort to save money that should be used for infrastructure development such as roads and hospitals.

However, members of the public have received the decision with mixed feelings.