Chief Katyetye backs subsidies removal

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Chief Katyetye backs subsidies removal

Isoka, May 28TH, 2013, ZANIS… Chief Katyetye of the Tambo people of
Isoka district has joined Chieftainess Nawaitwika of the Namwanga
people of Nakonde in Muchinga Province in supporting the removal of
subsidies by the Government.

Mr. Jeremiah Jesusi Mutambo told Muchinga Province Minister Colonel Gerry
Chanda when he paid a courtesy call on him over the weekend that
President Micheal Sata and his Government should be commended for
taking a bold step to remove subsidies on  fuel and maize.

Chief Katyetye said though painful, the move will have great benefits
for the Zambian people in future.

The traditional ruler,  who once taught in Tanzania. said countries like
Tanzania are today doing fine because of removing such subsidies which
are a drain to the nations’ economy.

He said instead of complaining, the Zambian people
should thank the Government for the bold decision taken as the two
subsidies never benefited the ordinary Zambian people.

He charged that the subsidies made the rich richer and the poor poorer
claiming that subsidies also contributed to the ever increasing high
the levels of poverty.

He said that it is sad that the policy which was intended to benefit
the ordinary Zambians was abused by the rich and those in authority.

Chief Katyetye said what is important now is to explain to the Zambian
people and let them know why the Government has decided to remove the
subsidies and the benefit of removing the subsidies.

Chief Katyetye added that the people of Zambia should learn to feed
themselves and not to wait for the Government to give them subsidies.

And Muchinga Province Minister Colonel Gerry Chanda said opposition
parties that are against the policy do not fit to be leaders of this
country as they have no heart for the people of Zambians.

Colonel Chanda who is on a continued tour of the Province told Chief
Katyetye when he paid a courtesy call on him it is only an
irresponsible Government that can continue with a policy that
diminishes the pride of a nation.

He said people in the country cannot afford to relay on handouts for
the rest of their lives saying it is high time that Zambians reliased
the truth and support the removal of subsidies on Maize and Fuel.

Colonel Chanda charged that criticisms by some opposition parties are
aimed at denting the PF Government   when in fact the opposition knows
that the removal of subsidies is in good faith.

Last week, Chieftainess Nawaitwika of the Namwanga people supported
the removal of the subsidies but cautioned the Government to ensure
that money saved from the removed subsidies is used to uplift the
living standards of the people in rural areas.

The minister was companied by Isoka District Commissioner (DC)
Langford Mutambo, District Administrative Officer (DAO) Alex Sinkala,
Council Chairperson Davies Simbule and other district Government heads
of departments.

Government recently removed subsidies on fuel and maize to channel the
funds to infrastructure development.