PRISCA urges Zambians to embrace ex-prisoners

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Prisons Care and Counselling Association (PRISCA) Executive Director Godfery Malembeka has called on members of civil society organizations and the church to come together and help the discharged prisoners.


Mr Malembeka told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that members of the public should desist from demonizing, discriminating and segregating ex-prisoners but help them fit in society.


He said ex-prisoners are productive members who need help in establishing their new lives after being away from their friends and families.


He noted that most of the time people that have experienced prison life come out reformed and would not want to go back to criminal activities.


Mr Malembeka has further thanked President Sata for pardoning 615 prisoners adding that this gesture distinguishes him from all past presidents of Zambia.


Mr Malembeka has also called on traditional leaders to warmly welcome their subjects in their various villages that have benefited from the presidents prerogative of mercy.


He said PRISCA has an association is currently preparing a present to show appreciation to President Sata.


He said in less than two years President Sata has been able to pardon close to 4000 prisoners.


Mr Malembeka said President Sata should be supported by all well meaning Zambians in order for him to deliver to the Zambian people.


He disclosed that his association has been conducting post counselling sections in prisons to ensure that prisoners learn and accept to change and become better citizens once again, adding that as an association, it is happy to note that several prisoners have received the news well and pledges to support the current government and never to go back to criminal acts.


Mr Malembeka has since called on members of the public to consider helping prisoners countrywide with blankets as the country heads towards the cold season.