ZANS COPY – UNZA don says education is key to development

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-University of Zambia (UNZA) Head of Humanities and Social Science, Euston Chiputa, says education plays a key to national development.

Dr Cihputa also notes that the up-coming of higher learning institutions intervenes and alleviate sthe suffering of the Namibian people.

Dr. Chiputa, who is head of History Department at UNZA, says it is important for local educationists who are also scholars to intervene in the ‘squabbles’ being spearheaded by foreign people in the country.

Dr Chiputa was speaking in Lusaka today during a public meeting held at Lusaka University (UniLUS).

He observed that the influx of foreign people into Zambia were capitalising on education of the indigenous people out of their rich endowed historical culture and science.

ZANIS reports that this was during the theme dubbed,” Pan Africanism and African Renaissance 2013 African Freedom Day and 50th  Anniversary of Africa Union”.

And speaking at the same function, UNZA Lecturer for Political Science, Weston Mafuleka, said there is need for Zambian scholars to correct the impression left by the foreign missionaries about the map an discovery of Zambia’s historical and tourists sites.

Dr Mafuleka said the pre-colonial type of education has caused a lot of injustices on the local scholars hence the need for developing countries like Zambia to correct the situation.

He cited the famous Victoria Falls, which was allegedly not discovered by English man David Livingstone but he was introduced by known Zambian Susi and Chuma explorers who existed in the area.

Meanwhile, Dr Chiputa has urged UniLUS students to use their professional skills if they were to be countered in the educational sector of the country.

Dr Chiputa has observed that unless Zambian scholars rise to the challenge, the western educationists would always take advantage of their local Zambian scholars by ‘hiding information’ from them .