-Subsidy removal to turnaround economy

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Defence deputy minister Joseph Lungu has observed that the removal of subsidies on fuel and maize will see a speedy and positive turnaround of the national economy.

Colonel Lungu said the move will yield economic gains as honest economic experts in the country have acknowledged that the scrapped subsidies were put in place for purely political appeasement and were not sustainable.

He said government was spending more than KR300 million every month on fuel and maize subsidies which if invested in highly productive and rewarding ventures would revamp the national economy.

The deputy minister was speaking in Mongu during his tour of Zambia National Service offices in western province to familiarize himself with the operations of the service.

Mr Lungu said subsidies were taking away from the budget the money required for infrastructure development and other social amenities.

Col. Lungu noted that the subsidies were not aiding the poor but were instead an economic strangulation depriving Zambians of basic social services.

And speaking in Kaoma when he visited ZNS Mangango camp, Col Lungu called on the service personnel to take a lead in fighting  gender based violence by treating their spouses with love.

Col. Lungu said government is saddened by the increase in the cases of gender based violence and urged people in uniform to treat and manage their families in a violent free manner.

He also commended the officers for their commitment to service and implored them to remain accountable, dedicated and patriotic to the nation.