-Let us take charge of affairs – Sata

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Let us take charge of affairs – Sata

Addis Ababa, May 25, 2013, ZANIS–President Michael Sata says it is time Africa took charge of its own Affairs.

President Sata says Africa is capable of handling its own affairs and should not allow foreigners to interfere in its issues.


“if you find a Kenyan or Zambian at fault, let the Zambian people deal with him not someone in the Hague’’, the President said.


ZANIS reports from Addis Ababa that President Sata was answering questions from journalists after he chaired a closed door committee of 10 Heads of States on the United Nations Reforms at the African Union-AU headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia yesterday.


The President said 50 years ago, Africa had less than 100 graduates and very few universities but was in control of its own affairs.


He explained that during the liberation struggle, Africans were not going to court in foreign countries, but were being tried in their own countries.


“what jurisdiction do they have, you have to look at jurisdiction, were do you find a European court that has jurisdiction in Africa”?, the President asked.

President Sata paid tribute to the OAU founding fathers adding that without them the African continent would not be where it is today.


He however said noted that the key solution to problems in Africa was to empower its people and create employment.


“ if we can have you  young people  occupied, you are not going to be used  to shed blood. We need to make you young people occupied because you are too intelligent and when you are lazy, you always want to create problems for us “, the President said.


President Sata is in Ethiopia to attend the 21st African Union summit which is combined with celebrations to mark 50 years of the formation of its fore runner the Organisation of African Unity-OAU.