Clergy supports subsidy removal

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Clergy supports subsidy removal


Lusaka, May/13, ZANIS………….A clergy in Lusaka has called on Republican President, Michael Sata, to seek God’s wisdom when making decisions that affect the welfare of ordinary Zambians.


Church of Jesus Christ Apostle, Gerald Njobvu, says his Church fully supports the decision made by government to remove subsidies as this is the only way the country will move forward.


In statement made available to ZANIS Lusaka today, Apostle Njobvu said even in Biblical times, God never gave the Israelites everything freely but they had to make certain sacrifices.


He cited manna, which was given freely to them at a time when they were going through hard times but later stopped doing so.


Apostle Njobvu said it is for this reason that Zambians must understand the decision government has made for the good of the country.


The clergy stated that the removal of subsidies is a progressive move which must be backed with Godly guidance through prayers by everyone.


Apostle Njobvu pointed out that God was the only way for the country to attain progress economically.


He said failure to submit to God’s ways by the leadership of the country will make the country fail to attain its programmes.