US, ZIM ambassadors visit Livingstone

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—Minister of Tourism and Arts, 
Sylvia Masebo, says the visit to Livingstone by United States
Ambassadors for Zambia and Zimbabwe and reigning Miss America will
help to market Livingstone ahead of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO)  General Assembly.

Speaking during an interview with journalist shortly after cycling
with the two US Ambassadors to Zambia Mark Storella and Zimbabwe
  Wharton Bruce across the two countries’ border today, Ms Masebo
expressed confidence that the high profile American delegation
will be able to assist the two countries in marketing the Victoria
Falls as world class tourist destination before the UNWTO.

Ms Masebo stated that the visit by the US delegation and reigning Miss
US, Nana Meriwether, would help to market the two countries as one
destination before the prestigious event.

“We are so elated by the visit of the two diplomats and Miss US and we
only hope that she can help us back home to advertise our tourism in
Zambia and Zimbabwe and so we can market the Victoria Falls as one of the best
destination in the whole world,” said Ms Masebo.

“We are also happy that apart from her coming here to view the
Victoria fall, Miss US is also here to champion conservation of our
natural resources which is a very important issue which should be supported
by all well-meaning citizens of the world,” said Ms Masebo.

She also revealed that Miss US has also accepted to be part of the UNWTO
programmes to support efforts aimed at fighting cervical cancer.

“As you know one of the programmes lined up on the Zambian side is the
Ladies Gala Night and we hope prior to the event there will be
screening clinic for  not just the delegates but also for women
here in Livingstone and Miss Us has agreed to be part of that
programme,” said Ms Masebo.

Ms Masebo also said the Ministry wants the month of August to be
dedicated to the promotion of cervical cancer awareness, screening and
prevention of the disease.

Meanwhile, Ms Masebo said both Zambia and Zimbabwe have agreed to
grant all delegates to the UNWTO with a one month gratis visa to allow
them to freely move between the two countries during the event.

Ms Masebo said the process was that delegates have to register to be
given accreditation upon arrival in the two countries, adding that
delegates from both Zambia and Zimbabwe would not need any formalities
to move across the border.

“As you might be aware the 150 members states of the UNWTO require
visas to travel to Zambia and Zimbabwe and the two countries have
since agreed to grant visa to all delegates from these countries but
for delegates from Zambia and Zimbabwe the border will be seamless
once accredited as delegate there will be no need to fill in any forms
at the two countries’ borders,” Ms Masebo said.

And US Ambassador to Zambia, Mark Storella, has urged both countries to
endeavour to market the Vitoria Falls which he noted was a unique
tourist product.

He was hopeful that the efforts put in place to market the country’s
rich tourism will lead to prosperity between the two countries, adding
that the Bike Across the Border initiative will help to contribute to
marketing the two countries’ tourism potential.

“It is such an overwhelming experience to see the Victoria Falls whose
beauty does not exist anywhere else and I hope the marketing effort
put in place will help the two countries to garner prosperity,” said
Mr Storella.
The Bike Across Border is a joint initiative of the US Missions in
Zambia and Zimbabwe to their economies, promote tourism, and achieve
prosperity for all citizens in both countries.