Sata depends on subsidies -HH


United Party for Development party president Hakainde Hichilema says no one can his rights and with or without police permit the party will match in demonstration  of the removal of subsidies.
UPND leader HH charged that there is no way president Sata can remove subsidies when he(Sata)  depends on them.
“It is unthinkable of the president to remove subsidies when his life is dependent on them,he is denying the democratic right of the tax payers to  benefit from the subsidies, his current house,the house he’s building, food, fuel talk time and water he uses is as a result of subsidies paid by the tax payers who are the Zambian people,” he said.
He charged that the reason for government to remove subsidies is to fund by – elections and pay allowances to his bloated cabinet.
HH has noted with sadness that the PF entered office with deception,this comes in line with the revealing by Commerce Deputy Minister Miles Sampa that the ninety day promise was just lies to persuade people to vote the PF into power.
“How can you trust the credibility of a government that uses deception to get in to office?” HH questioned
” This is why am pleased to say that I can feel the pulse,the Zambian people have finally seen what was behind the  ‘Donchi kubeba’ slogan,I feel Zambians wants the UPND in government, I demand that Sata should apologize to the Zambian people for deceiving and tricking  them to believe that he can bring change to the country within that period of time,” he added
HH says it is embarrassing for the head of state to conduct himself the way Sata does when he visits other countries where he provokes and creates enemies instead of friendship.
” I have seen that the disease of arrogance is trickling down to his cabinet,we are seeing how Kabimba and Guy Scott are behaving when they visit other countries, Sata is taking this country to the tipping point which dangerous for the country,” he said.
And former speaker of the national assembly Mutale Nalumango has joined the UPND and has urged well meaning Zambians to join her in the race.
“It has been hard for me to join one opposition party to another,it is because I can’t be bought,so I urge everyone who wants to see Zambia develop to join me and fight against a government which has no plan for Zambia,” Nalumango said.
However HH said once voted in office he’ll reverse what he called brutal and cruel decisions made by the PF and reinstall the maize and fuel subsidies.


  1. My cousin overheard a kaponya explaining what subsidy is:

    Subsidy, ni vima chemicals vamene ba mafak ku unga paja pogaya kuti kusazinkala tudoyo. Manje, Sata akamba ati, ba sazi ikako kaili ati nivodula futi vidwalika bantu!