Muwele residents consume methylated spirit in place of tujilijili


—People in Muwele area of Mpika district are reportedly drinking methylated spirit following the banning of tujilijili alcohol by the Government which became so popular, especially
among the youths.

The newly introduced methylated spirit has already claimed one life of a 16-year-old boy of Moolo village within Muwele area in Lukulu Ward who was found dead in his small house.

Abel Chifita Junior died last month after exchanging his dry fish with methylated spirit from Copperbelt traders through batter system.

The incident was disclosed and confirmed by Lukulu Ward councillor, Webster Chishala, when the area Member of Parliament, Davies Mwango visited the area over the weekend to explain the development projects that have been approved by government for his constituency which will benefit the Muwele people.

Mr Chishala said Muwele area has a population of more than 12,000 people who earn their living through fishing, cultivating and selling of cannabis which he said has resulted in a lot of crimes.

He explained that Muwele is an old village set up which was established 40
years ago but that it is the worst neglected area, adding that from
UNIP through MMD, the area has not seen any development.

Mr Chishala said the roads in the area have not been graded in a long time and there is no
police to curb crime.

He said that murder cases in Muwele, which is about 200 km away from Mpika, are on the increase and that such cases are handled by village headmen whose judgements are done in a traditional way.

Meanwhile, area Member of Parliament, Davies Mwango, who is also Resettlement Scheme Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President, assured the people of Muwele that the road from Chiundaponde turn-off to Muwele will soon be done.

Mr Mwango explained that the Chiundaponde-Muwele road is part of the link Zambia 8000 km project.

Muwele is one of the controversial villages found in Bangweulu
wetlands bordering with Luapula, Province, Masaiti district of Copper belt and
Congo DRC.