Ndola chaplain complains of church relax

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 Ndola chaplain complains of church relax

Ndola, May 20, ZANIS—— A Zambia Army Chaplain has launched a scathing attack on the Church in Ndola for allegedly going to slumber when they were supposed to take a leading role in praying for the various needs in the country.


And Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge has urged the Church to continue playing for government leaders.


Speaking during an Inter-denomination thanks giving Church services held at Anglican Church yesterday to mark this year’s African Freedom Day, Zambia Army Chaplain Major Oliver Mutantabowa said it was saddening to note that the service was dominated by military personnel.


Major Mutantabowa observed that the poor attendance by Christians was a testimony that the church in Ndola has gone to sleep.


He added that the church in Ndola was sick hence the need for it to repent and take up its responsibility if God was to bless the country.


The Army chaplain said it was wrong for those who call themselves Christians to complain about anything when they have not prayed.


“It is unfortunate that most of those who call themselves believers were just believers by word of mouth and not deeds,” he lamented.


Quoting from the book of 2 Chronicles, Chapter 20, Major Mutantabowa emphasized that miracle do happen when people begin to call upon the name of God.


He added that there is no situation that is too big that God cannot handle when people genuinely call upon him.


And Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge said government regards the church as its partner in national development.


In a speech read on his behalf by his Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Msichili, Mr Musenge said the church has a critical role to play in the running of the affairs of the country by providing spiritual guidance.


The Minister added that the PF government was committed to govern this country based on the 10 commandments as declared by President Michael Sata.


Mr Musenge further paid tribute to the gallant men and women who contributed to the liberation of this country.


He observed that Zambia is what it is now because of the selfless contributions by freedom fighters some of whom even lost their lives in the process.


The inter-denomination service which was dominated by Military personnel was characterizing with intercessory prayers and songs from various church denominations.