Luo recognises role of traditional and religious leaders in GBV, HIV fight

CHIEFS and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo

-Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkandu Luo, says traditional and religious leaders play an important role in the fight against HIV and AIDS and  Gender Violence in the nation.

Prof Luo said Government will remain committed in fighting such vices in the communities because they are detrimental in human society

The minister said this yesterday during the official launch of SAFAIDS Programme at the at Southern Sun Hotel in Lusaka yesterday.

Prof Nkandu Luo said Traditional and religious leaders are part of the solutions in the fight against HIV and Aids in this country.

She said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government will join hands with co-operating partners, adding that Government is eradicating such vices in Zambian communities.

Prof Luo stated that it is regrettable to isolate traditional leaders in this country because they are the ones closer to the people.

And Prof Luo hailed the American Government for the massive assistance they are rendering to the Zambian Government, especially in the fight against HIV and AIDS and Gender based Violence in this country.

Prof Luo also disclosed that the American Government has so far given the Zambian Government US $ 380 million for female chiefs in the country to assist in the fight against HIV and Aids and Gender Based Violence in this nation.

And speaking at the same occasion, SAFAIDS Regional Director, Aulora Stally, said SAFAIDS is also working closely in Malawi and Lesotho to fight HIV and AIDS and Gender Based Violence.

Ms Stally said she is happy with the Zambian Government for its strides and transparent manner in fighting HIV and AIDS and Gender Based Violence in the nation.