Kapeya praises Ghana for resolving Africa’s challenges

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—Information and Broadcasting Services Deputy Minister, Mwansa Kapeya, has praised Ghana for playing an important pioneering role in resolving challenges facing the African continent.

Mr Kapeya says apart from championing the independence struggle on the African continent, Ghana is now leading in the implementation of the digital migration programme on the continent.

The Deputy Minister was speaking in an interview with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) shortly after a conducted tour of the GBC studio headquarters in Accra, Ghana today.

Mr Kapeya said Zambia has a lot to learn from that country’s experience in the successful implementation of the digital migration programme at the Ghanaian state broadcaster ahead of the 2015 deadline.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has set the year 2015 as the deadline for all countries to migrate from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting platform.

The Zambian delegation, led by Mr Kapeya, interacted with the GBC Director General, Albert Don-Chebe, and his technical team who gave detailed accounts of that country’s road map in implementing the digital migration plan.

GBC engineering manager for Digital Terrestrial Television, Harriet Mawusi, informed the Zambian delegation that Ghana Broadcasting Corporation is now offering a transmission platform to 18 other private Radio and television stations using its multiplex carrier facility.

And Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) television controller, Rose Chumpuka, said the successful implementation of the digital migration programme at Ghana Broadcasting Corporation offers valuable insights on how this process should be handled by both government and the private sector.

Ms Chumpuka said it is encouraging to see that the public service broadcaster is also using its multiplex platform to carry transmission for 18 private broadcasting stations without any difficulties or suspicion.

The Zambian delegation yesterday visited the National Communication Authority of Ghana and the National Media Commission where the two institutions gave detailed accounts of their involvement in the digital migration programme.