Landmine victims urged to seek government assistance

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-Government has called on landmine victims in Chivula area of Sesheke district to avail themselves to the state.

Chairperson of the National Committee on Anti Personnel Landmine, Gabriel Namulambe made the plea when he addressed a gathering at Chivula basic in Sesheke of Western province.

Mr Namulambe said government wants to come to the aid of the Landmine victims by assisting them with artificial arms and legs.

He counselled the locals to encourage landmine victims to openly report themselves to the government so that they can get assistance.

He disclosed that some landmine victims have a tendency of hiding from receiving government assistance.

He said government wants to assist them so that their life is made easier.

Meanwhile government says President Michael Sata is determined to take development to remote places of the country.

Mr Namulambe who is also Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister said President Sata is interested in seeing the plight of local people in rural areas lifted.

The deputy minister has since appealed to Imusho residents to cooperate with government in bringing development to the area.

And Information deputy minister Poniso Njeulu said the PF government has started delivering development in the remote parts of Sesheke district.

He cited the construction of a border post in Imusho area bordering Zambia and Namibia as part of development the government has initiated in the area.

He recalled that in the past people used to spend four nights just to go and collect a border pass from Katima Mulilo border and enter into Namibia.

He disclosed to the locals that government has a plan to develop the road network country wide through the link Zambia project.