Mungwi gets a share of price changes

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Mungwi gets a share of price changes

Mungwi, May 13, ZANIS ——- The price of mealie –meal in Mungwi has gone up following the increase of fuel pump price by government.

A check by Zambia News and Information Services at Mungwi main market today revealed that a 25 kg bag of mealie-meal is now costing KR58 from KR55 it used to fetch barley two months ago.

Mealie –meal traders in the area have attributed the increase to high cost of transportation from the source.

A pocket of cement has also increased from K70 to between K73 and K75 in Kasama and Mungwi respectively.

Prices of other essential commodities have however, remained the same.

The price of a 2.5 liter container of cooking oil has remained exorbitantly high and costs K35 while a 2kg sugar is costing K15 at Mungwi market.

However, a reverse has been recorded in the transport sector as minibus operators have reduced bus fares from K8 to K5 from Mungwi to Kasama.

The reduction of the bus fares has been necessitated by the improvement of the road from Mungwi to Kasama by China Geo Limited.

The development has cheered residents and civil servants residing in the two areas.

Some civil servants talked to told ZANIS that it was now cheaper for them to use a minibus than a taxi from Kasama to Mungwi daily following the reduction of the bus fares.

Taxis are currently charging K10 from Mungwi to Kasama.

Government recently removed subsidy on fuel prompting transporters in Lusaka and other parts of the country to hike bus fares on long distance routes.

Various Traders have also hiked prices of their commodities citing high fuel costs in the transportation of their goods.