Luwingu new office bearers appreciated

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Luwingu residents have praised the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government for conducting a massive transfers and bringing in news officers who are now interpreting the PF manifesto effectively.


This is in reference to the street lights the district council has embarked on to light all the main roads in Lubansenshi constituency of Luwingu district in the Northern province.


Speaking on behalf of the resident who stormed ZANIS in Luwingu today, Chanda Filubo said people in the district have started seeing the fruits of the ruling party in the area.


Mr Filubo said the work culture at the Luwingu district council has also changed because of the new officers who have been deployed to man some senior positions in the local authority.


He said the new officers who include the Council Secretary and the Director of Works have brought sanity at the local authority and people have started noticing the different work culture.


He said he was impressed that the council has also started grading the area where plots will be given out to local developers and are working on the files which have not been sent to the Ministry of Lands.


Mr Filubo said most people who have built houses in the council designated area have no proper documentation to warrant them get their final title deeds from the Ministry of Lands because the council officers who were there could not process the said documents as they are alleged to have not been following correct channels.


He appealed to the new officers not to relent in their work but to forge ahead and change the face of Luwingu district.


Mr Filubo said the PF government is in full gear to develop Luwingu district and it is evident that all the roads linking the district will also be raised to bituminous standard.


“Those who have doubted the performance of Mr Sata and his government will face a rude shock with the development taking place throughout the country and Luwingu in particular,” he boasted.


Mr Filubo further said that in the past Luwingu district was a dumping ground for civil servants who have failed to perform in government departments at the provincial administration and other nearby district such Mungwi, Mpika and Mbala.


“Erring officers, drunkards and non performers were sent to Luwingu, Mporokoso and Kaputa districts as a punitive measure but under the leadership of President Sata the workers are sent on merit and this has greatly cheered the local people,” he said.


Mr Filubo also appealed to the government to speed up the road construction works on Luwingu/Samfya, Luwingu/Nsombo chaba and Luwingu/Kaputa roads as promised during the launch of 8000 km road link Zambia project in 2012.