PhilPhos starts exporting fertilizer to Zambia

PhilPhos fertilizer

Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Corporation (PhilPhos) is making a foray into the untapped South African market, as it began exporting fertilizer products to Zambia.

PhilPhos fertilizer
PhilPhos fertilizer

PhilPhos recently exported around P400 million worth of phosphate fertilizers, which represents 4% of its total exports this year.

Salvador B. Zamora II, chairman of PhilPhos, said the company is the first Filipino fertilizer company to export to the African continent.

“Penetrating this market is a major milestone for us as we continuously seek to expand our footprint in other parts of the globe. We chose Zambia as our entry point in Africa because of its promising agriculture industry, a key growth driver of its economy. We believe that through our exports, we can help improve the agriculture sector further and generate more jobs for the people,” he said in a statement.

PhilPhos sees great potential in Zambia, which is opening its doors to foreign investments. As the country’s agriculture sector grows, so does the demand for agricultural products such as fertilizers – an opportunity for PhilPhos.

“Zambia is seen as a new export frontier for PhilPhos. Because agriculture is thriving there, we believe it is a good business move on our part. We are committed to continuing to provide our products to help improve the industry even further and uplift the lives of farmers,” Zamora said.

PhilPhos has a capacity of around 1,170,000 million tons of Nitrogen Phosphate/ Nitrogen Phosphate Potassium fertilizers and 170,000 tons of ammosul. It exports around 65% of its total production outside the Philippines, particularly Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia as well as to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Taiwan.

In 2007, PhilPhos made an initial shipment of around P962 million worth of products to Brazil, marking its first foray outside Asia.

In 2012, the company exported a total of P9.65 billion worth of fertilizer products.