Minister calls Mansa business houses to help the general hospital

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Minister calls Mansa business houses to help the general hospital

Mansa, May 11, ZANIS Luapula Province Minister Benson Kapaya has appealed to the business community in Mansa to come to the aid of Mansa General Hospital and assist in completing the construction of the Eye Clinic Ward whose works had stalled since 1975.

Brigadier General Kapaya made the appeal at Mansa General Hospital during a meeting with Mansa Lions Club members and some business people at the hospital grounds.

He said Luapula province was leading in eye problem cases, noting that there was no ward for eye patients as the small space available was overcrowded.

Gen Kapaya said the business community in Mansa could make a difference in completing the two structures at the hospital which will require cement, building sand, roofing sheets, door frames, window frames, floor tiles among other items.

He said from the 56 identified business people in Mansa and other towns in the province, the task could be accomplished in a short time because every person was a potential eye clinic client at some point.

The provincial minister said it was important to complete the two structures for the good of  humanity because the structures will help a lot of people in the province.

He said government cannot do everything alone as the business community was a key player in alleviating the suffering of humanity.

He said there was also a Hunger centre structure which needed to be built at the hospital which will play a meaningful role in the promotion of nutrition as people will be buying food from within the hospital premises for their welfare as they look after the patients.

And an Accountant from C &C trading, John Mwila appealed to his fellow business people to come to the aid of the hospital saying the structures were important and should be completed.

Mr Mwila said it was saddening that the structures have been abandoned for a long time but there was hope now that they could be completed and used for humanity.

And Lions Club of Mansa President, Dingani Moyo thanked the minister for having taken time to be part of the appeal to complete the structures which have taken more than 35 years to complete.

Mr Moyo said 35 percent of the works has been done on the two buildings and if business people in the province put their heads together, the work could be completed within a short period of time.

He said Luapula was the highest in cases of blindness and something must be done to help the people in the province.

And Mansa General Hospital Superintendent Simon Kunda expressed gratitude on behalf of the hospital management to the Lions Club of Mansa for the initiative taken to champion the completion of the Eye clinic wards construction project so that eye patients could have a place to stay at the hospital before and after undergoing operations.

Mr Kunda said the gesture by the lions will bring about the desired result of the completion of the three structures which will be of great help in alleviating the suffering of the people coming to the hospital.